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Google ClassroomGoogle classroom is a paperless classroom created by Google that aims at making education simpler, hassle free and efficient. It does so by allowing teachers to grade, distribute and  create assignments online on the platform. The program increases user satisfaction by allowing usage of multiple applications like GMail, Google Docs, Google Sheets etc.  Google Classroom is available for both Android and iOS users and lets users attach files in form of images and other formats.  Each class has a separate drive folder where they can communicate and exchange assignments and other study  materials. Google Classroom makes sure that data is not used for advertisement purposes and no ads are featured while the program is in use.

Change logs of Google Classroom

In order to make usage more easy and fruitful certain additions were made to the programme including:

– In this new version, teachers can view and contact student’s guardians.

– This version also gives the teachers an option to assign guardians to students.

– Teachers can also, in this version, give a summary of the student’s work.

– In this version PDF versions can be annotated while editing a post.

– Blank PDFs can also be created while a post is being edited.

– Teachers and students have the option of attaching only view-only documents in this version.

– Other bug fixes and performance improvements were also made in this version of Google Classroom.

How to Download Google Classroom

In order to harness the opportunity of studying and teaching in a paperless and efficient online classroom, please click on the given link to download Google Classroom.

Download Google Classroom

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