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Google ClassroomGoogle classroom is a revolutionary app that simplifies the problem of education. It aims to make studying a paperless routine. The main purpose of google classroom is to streamline the process of sharing Files between students and teachers. Released on August 12, 2014, google classroom runs on both Android an iOS environment. Google classroom combines Google drive , google sheets, slides, Gmail and google calendar to give students an enriching learning experience. This paperless way if learning puts and end to using paper which in turn helps the environment. Also the organized interface of the app is hugely beneficial for both school and college students.

Features of Google Classroom

The main features of this Google Classroom app are:

  • Students can join a class through a private code or be directly imported through the school domain.
  • Separate folders are available for the users to submit their work to different teachers.
  • Students can attach photos and relevant things to assignments.
  • Offline information can be accessed.
  • Teachers can monitor every students progress and can grade them on respective subjects.
  • Students can put their work on their Google drive which can be later checked by the teachers.
  • Google calendar is also available to organize the dates of class tests, assignments and field trips.
  • Different grading schemes are supported.
  • Announcements can be posted by the teachers in the class stream.
  • Very helpful app in promoting education without using conventional means.

How to download Google Classroom

To download the app, click the link below.

Download Google Classroom

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