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Google ClassroomGoogle Classroom is a virtual learning classroom developed by Google to simplify the learning process and mainly to build paperless learning environment. The app is available for android and IOS currently and is license free. The category belongs to education and languages exclusively. Anyone wishing to adopt the platform should first acquire Google account. It is also a non profit platform for all learners.

Features of Google Classroom

  • Google Classroom version was updated on 08th August 2018. Comparing other versions this one is guaranteed to be 1% safer with better performance.
  • This version occupies 19.39MB of space.
  • Google Classroom delivers the most beneficial features which works in favor of both teachers and students. A teacher can add the student easily without any hustle. Assignments can be easily assigned online.
  • Co teaching the subject with other instructors is easily possible which is highly effective in blending the knowledge.
  • Assignments and other documents can be compiled in one portable document to make easy use.
  •  Classroom theme can be customized according to the whims and fancies of the user.
  • YouTube videos, surveys and PDFs from external portable systems can be added to your assignments to make it richer in quality.
  • This app also helps to keep the students organized and updated by generating the calendar for the schedule. However, the permission notice are; Camera, storage and account.

How to download Google Classroom

To download the app for better teaching and learning click on the button.

Download Google Classroom

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