Download Google Classroom 4.9.352.08.49

Google ClassroomFor decades we have tried and tested different methods of teaching on students. Aiming to achieve the most progress and learning in a students time. But with growing technologies, the traditional classroom way we teach students and they grasp knowledge has become, a little outdated just by itself. To counter this, technology has been used as a medium for better communication in the recent times. Such as Audio Visual programs, E-learning, and Online lectures and so on. Google Classroom, is an effort in exactly that direction. Technology can also be used to form better communication between the teacher and the students. This is what Google Classroom is aimed to fulfill.

Features of Google Classroom 4.9.352.08.49

The following are a few features of the Google classroom app aimed at easier and better learning:

  • Google classroom is an easy to set up application, that is to be used by teachers and students alike, to form a sense of community and for better communication.
  • The simplicity in the nature of the app is one of its major perks. It’s paperless and functions way better than the traditional methods of assignments.
  • The application lets the teacher assign and review and grade assignments with ease.
  • The application has an Assignments page, where they can view all their assignments, and along with that classroom material is directly compiled into folders in Google Drive. This helps organise their learning process well.
  • It is an application that is free and the data of the student is secure i.e the application is ad free and google never uses student information for ads and other promotional material.

How to download Google Classroom 4.9.352.08.49?

To download this app click the link.

Download Google Classroom