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Google ClassroomGoogle Classroom is an application developed specifically for Schools and educational institutions. Google has created the app, and it works seamlessly with other Google products. It allows teachers and students to communicate with each other and share projects and assignments. It is simple to use and saves the time of the teacher and students both.

Features of Google Classroom 4,9,352.08.67

Teachers can make assignments and distribute them to the students.

  • Communication between the teacher and the student becomes quicker and efficient.
  • Teachers can keep a record of the progress made by the students and share it with their parents or guardians.
  • Google Classroom works seamlessly with other Google products such as Drive, Docs, Gmail, Hangouts, Slides, Forms, Slides, Vaults, Sheets and Calendar.
  • All the assignments are displayed on a single page so students can view them quickly. The tasks are automatically added to Google Drive so the user can see it anywhere.
  • The app does not use show any ads neither uses any data of the student or the teacher for advertising purposes.
  • It provides easy to use and intuitive interface so even small kids can use it easily.
  • Teachers can add students to their classrooms with a click of a single button.
  • All the study material such as projects and assignments can be downloaded offline by the students so they can view it offline anywhere, anytime.
  • It works across a wide variety of devices and is available for free.
  • Parents can view the assignments and projects completed by their child and also see a summary of their class performance.
  • The app works towards a digital paperless future enabling for a greener and cleaner planet.

How to download Google Classroom?

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