Download Google Classroom 4.9.352.09.55

Google ClassroomGoogle classroom is an app with which Teachers can monitor the progress of the students and can allow them homework and keep a grade. This technology makes learning creative and easy for students and keeps their minds out of distractions, this makes easy for the teachers as well as they can help each child with personal assistance and keep a grade on them lets know more about this web service by Google and know its features.

Features of Google Classroom 4.9.352.09.55

  • Gmail has also made this easy by adding the email feature by which the communication can happen by email between the teachers and students.
  • Google classroom mobile app was launched in 2015 which indeed helps in sharing files and media quickly through a single app.
  • Courses for students can be archived here from term to term. Teachers keep the current class active and organized.
  • Google classroom as a part of G suite for education has no means to show any advertising in the middle that makes this experience more appealing.
  • Teachers may also, keep a close watch on the assignments of each student and can leave comments, thus, ensuring the progress of each student.
  • After grading, teachers may also return the assignments to the students with their comments for the students to review their work.
  • It is free of advertisement for students and faculty and is also a free web service.

How to download Google Classroom 4.9.352.09.55?

To download the app in your device click on the given below link.

Google Classroom