Download Google Classroom 4.9.352.09.63

Everything is upgrading these days, teaching methods, giving assignments and as everything is going online too Google classroom is a free web service which is developed by Google for schools and educational institutions that aims to simplify assignments in a paperless way. It combines google drive for assignments creation and distribution among teachers and students. Features of this application are:

Features of Google Classroom 4.9.352.09.63

 Each class created with Google Classroom creates a separate folder in the respective user’s Google drive where the students can submit work to be graded y the teacher.
 To allow collaboration between the teacher and the students or among students themselves, assignments are stored and graded on Google’s suite of productivity applications.
 It supports many different grading schemes.
 Announcements can be posted by teachers to the class stream which can be commented on by students allowing for two-way communication between the teacher and students.
 This classroom allows instructors to archive courses at the end of a term or year. That means the courses are removed from the homepage and are shifted to an archived area.
 You will not be able to make any changed until it is restored if the course is archived.
 The Google classroom mobile apps are available in iOS and Android devices, it allows the students to take pictures and attach it to the assignments, it also supports offline access.
 It is totally hidden and not advertised! User’s data is not scanned or used for advertising purposes.

How to download Google Classroom 4.9.352.09.63?

To download this amazing application, you just have to click on the link given below.

Download Google Classroom