Download Google Classroom 4.9.352.09.65

Google ClassroomGoogle Classroom is a virtual educational institute for educators and students from all over the world. It is a free service by Google for wadding the communication gap between educators and students. It was developed in collaboration with experienced teachers and amalgamates all the teaching requisite at a single platform.

Features of Google Classroom 4.9.352.09.65

  • Time-saving- You can use your spare time for learning/teaching with the classroom. It can be accessed anywhere and anytime. Stay organized-Well organized courses, classes, assignments and classwork are available in a single click.
  • Device Friendly-It works on computers, laptop, mobile phones and tablets. All you need is your personal gmail account.
  • One-on-one- Educator can directly evaluate every student’s performance and can give recommendations accordingly.
  • Easy to work-Classes can be easily created,updated,scheduled,renamed and deleted. Assigning of assignments and to-do questions is very handy.
  • Notification-Educator can schedule important announcement. These announcements works as a reminder to students.
  • Reusability-Courses, classes and assignments all can be reused anytime.
  • Integration-You can use many of your favorite application in collaboration with classroom.
  • Storage- You can’t take the library with you all the time but with  Google classroom, you can. The classroom provides a storage facility where the educator can save all prerequisite files, documents and assignments.
  • Accessibility-Students can easily access different courses with a small class code.

How to download Google Classroom 4.9.352.09.65?

Just a click is required to download this app. Click the below-provided link and download the app now in your device.

Download Google Classroom