Download Google Classroom 4.9.352.09.70

Google ClassroomGoogle Classroom is an app from the Tech Giant Google, This app helps in the communication of teachers and students. The app is like a virtual classroom, where teachers can give assignments to students and students can submit them after completing them. Students get reminded of the submission dates, so that they will never forget it. The app is available for free of cost and can be downloaded on any platform.

Features of Google Classroom 4.9.352.09.70

  • Outspreaded knowledge-Educator can invite other educator to teach his class. This will help students to get outspreaded knowledge of a topic.
  • Hidden features- There are many more features which you can explore while learning with Google classroom application. You can make deleted content visible only to educators or students according to your preference. Student can comment on any other students answer which enhances the opportunity of learning .
  • Privacy and security-It doesn’t share educator’s or student’s data with the third party.
  • Other Google Apps- It works with other apps as well, Like google calender, drive etc.
  • Multiple Platforms- This app can be downloaded on multiple platforms. So anyone can get this app in their device.
  • Free of Cost- The app is available for free, hence users would not have to subscribe it.

How to download Google Classroom 4.9.352.09.70?

To download Google Classroom app in your device you would need to click on the below provided link. After which you would be redirected to a download page where you can choose the file for your device and download the app.

Download Google Classroom